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Visit Romania For a New, Fruitful Experience

Romania is a nation very rich in lifestyles and customs that have long vanished in other places around the world. It is a refreshing place to visit, as you will experience something new in your journey back in time. Romania is overflowing with traditions, perfect for people who are appreciative of culture itself. The land's heritage, ethnic groups, varied landscapes, and the people themselves have a lot to offer to all foreign visitors.
Nature is rich in Romania with the lush plains of Danube, mountainous regions of Transylvanian Alps, high plateaus of Transylvania, and the rolling hills and valleys of Maramures and Bukovina. But more than natural landscapes, Romania is where you will see the ancient ruins of the Roman and Greek heritage, the Baroque city centers, and the century-old French eclectic buildings.
For a tour of Romania, Cultural Travel & Tours is always at your service. Cultural Travel & Tours is an academic travel agent that specializes in heritage tourism. Their main office is located right in the heart of the country's capital, Bucharest. During the length of their operation, they have long contributed in the many tours and seminars of Romania for world-renowned organizations such as the National Trust for Historic Preservation, USA and the Smithsonian Institution. Their services have been required to aid the tours of cultural bodies from Canada and Switzerland as well.
Cultural Travel & Tours offers services such as standard tours, themed tours, special tours, Bucharest tour, and the unique design-your-own-tour package. Choose from their different standard tours that start with a one-day tour to the Transylvanian Alps. Themed tours are a little different, as you can choose from an Enduring Spirit tour, which takes you to the fortified churches of Transylvania or the Royalty tour that showcases Romania's magnificent palaces and castles, among others.
Special tours are great for special occasions like honeymoons, Christmas, Easter, and New Year. Other special times of the year such as the Danube Delta, summer golf time, and winter skiing time are included here too. On the other hand, Bucharest sightseeing tours will show you the best of the city, its brief history, past and present architectures, and other places of interest in and around the nation's capital. However, if you have other places in mind, you can opt for the design-your-own-tour package, which actually gives you the freedom to see the Romanian cities that you haven't explored just yet.

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ONE-DAY TOUR : Cultural Trip to the Transylvanian Alps
MAGICAL TIMES IN MAGICAL PLACES : Visit Transylvania and Wallachia
BACK IN TIME ON A TRIP TO MEDIEVAL SITES : Highlights Tour of Transylvania, Northern Oltenia and Other Sights
HISTORIC TRANSYLVANIA AND WALLACHIA : Visits to the Main Historic Sites In Transylvania And Wallachia
TREASURES OF EASTERN EUROPE : Visit To The Painted Monasteries of Bukovina (UNESCO Heritage Sites)
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WOOD STANDS THE TEST OF TIME : Visit To Wooden Churches in Maramures (UNESCO Heritage Sites)
WILDLIFE TOUR : Visit The Flora and Fauna in the Exotic Landscape of Danube Delta
HIDDEN ROMANIA : Discover The Flavor of Old Europe
HAVE A GREAT TIME IN ROMANIA : The Grand Cultural Tour
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ENDURING SPIRIT : Fortified Churches in Transylvania (UNESCO Heritage Sites)
THE MOMENT OF TRUTH : Unscramble Dracula's Legend
OLD WINES FOR CONNAISSEURS : Tasting of Romanian Wines Tour
TRACES OF THE ROMAN AND GREEK CIVILISATIONS : Archaeologic Sites in Transylvania and Dobrudja
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HISTORIC RAIL JOURNEYS : Visit Romania by Working Steam Trains
A TASTE OF RURAL ROMANIA : Daily Life in Maramures and Bukovina Villages
CUSTOMS AND OCCUPATIONS FROM OLDEN TIMES : Pottery, Egg painting, Wood carving, Folk shows, Traditional fairs
ANCIENT CAVES : Speleology Study Tour
EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE IN 2007 : UNESCO Heritage Sites and Cultural Landmarks of Transylvania
IN QUEST OF SAXON RURAL CULTURE : Transylvania Drawing Tour by INTBAU and CTT
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A CITY OF CONTRASTS THROUGH TIME : Past and Present in Bucharest Architecture
LA BELLE EPOQUE, A LA BUCHAREST : Visit Bucharest, the capital city, once called "the little Paris"
UNEARTHING BUCHAREST'S HISTORY : Visit Remains of the Courtly and Merchant Life in Bucharest
BUCHAREST AND THE COMMUNIST TIMES : Visit the Relics of a By-gone Era In Bucharest
BUCHAREST AND THE RIVER THAT FACED HISTORY : Visit the Banks of the Dambovita River in Bucharest
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TIME FOR A SPIRITUAL BREAK : Visits to a Monastery and to a Convent near Bucharest
DRACULA'S ORIGINAL HAUNTS : Visits to the Old Princely Court and Snagov Monastery In Bucharest
ART & HISTORY : Visit to a Museum
Travel To Romania : Reasons To Visit Romania

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