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If you want to escape the daily routine and old habits, if you want to come face to face with traditions and lifestyles which are long-gone elsewhere around the world, Romania is the place to come.

Whenever you feel like experiencing something new, you may take a journey into the past. If you want to know the way people used to live, find out more about their beliefs and see what they really cherished, come to Romania.

The country has a lot to offer to the culturally-minded traveller. All one needs to have is an inquisitive nature, patience, the readiness to accept various traditions, which are often different from the Western ones you may be more accustomed to, and, last but not least, ... a good guide, be it a book or a person. Let Cultural Travel & Tours be your guide across Romania and we will do our best to present you with whatever Romania has to offer and show you its most hidden secrets and treasures.

Among the several reasons which may prompt one to experience and travel to Romania, the main one is probably the country's diversity.
The rich, cultural heritage, the important contribution of various ethnic groups across Romania, the varied landscape, as well as its people are just a few of the things that attract foreign visitors.

From the lush plains of the Danube in the south to the mountainous regions of the Transylvanian Alps in the centre of the country, to the high plateau of Transylvania itself with its skyline of fortified church towers to the gentle rolling hills and valleys of Bukovina and Maramures in the north, which hide centuries-old painted and wooden churches, one can find various witnesses to a glorious past.
A natural landscape, which is mostly pristine, provides the settings for the shepherds who still tend their flocks as they would have done centuries ago. One can see horse-drawn carts and countless rows of haystacks from Spring till late Autumn.

Similarly, from ancient ruins pertaining to the Greek and Roman heritage in Dobrudja to towns and cities with a fascinating history, from the Baroque city centres in the western part of the country to the mediaeval streets and squares in cities across central Romania, to the French eclectic buildings of the capital, you can travel back in time through several centuries.

Whether you want to see the customs of the ancient festivals related to various celebrations throughout the year, such as Easter, Christmas, the New Year or ceremonies, the origins of which are centuries old, or, conversely, modern performances, Romania is the place to come to.

In the woods that span the massifs of the Carpathians or the wetlands, channels, lakes and marshes of the Danube Delta, one can look for birds or marvel at wild flowers and sweeping mountain pastures.

Elsewhere around Romania, one may find late Byzantine art and traditions embodied in the many Orthodox churches and monasteries.

Transylvania, with its towns, cities and its former provincial capitals is the place to go if one wants to see the evolution from the Gothic style to the intricate decorations of the Baroque to the Secession or to find out more about the life of Hungarians and Saxons alongside the Romanians during the centuries.

Furthermore, one can follow specific routes, whether you want to taste Romania's wines or to experience journeys along scenic routes by old trains.
For those attracted by famous legends, such as Dracula's story, there is also a lot to explore, whether one wants to follow the footsteps of the real prince, 15th century Wallachian ruler Vlad the Impaler, or be guided by the legend of Dracula, the Vampire.

But wherever one goes, one meets Romania's fascinating and hospitable people, always ready to greet you and be of assistance, or even to welcome one into their homes with a glass of home-made plum brandy and delicious home-made cakes.

Wherever you wish to go, whichever of the above appeals to you, remember that you can Travel in time, anytime ... around Romania, with Cultural Travel & Tours Travel Agency In Romania.

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