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CTTours Romania Travel Agent Testimonials

“…I felt often like I was visiting another century, not just another country…loved watching scenes from the bus of countryside that is gone from America – horse-drawn plows, carts, people hand working in fields…”
Diane Tappey, USA

“I had low expectations regarding Romania since the country had been oppressed for such a long time. The progress has been amazing and I believe that progress is going to continue.
Personally I would very much like to return to see more of Romania. The people are generous of spirit and the country is beautiful.”
Sheila & Dave Hart, USA

“Catalin’s expertise was amazing, Claudiu’s kindness and courtesy delightful, Stefan very sweet and an excellent driver. Going to post office to buy stamps is the kind of experience that lets us mingle with local people.”
Robin Tenny, USA

“ Excellent lectures and travel commentary…thank you for the organ recital and choral concert… too much to do in too little time – I suggest adding few days.”
Daisy Bridges, USA

“The sites were well chosen…one of my favorite things was ride thru the countryside to observe the rural way of life…Perhaps Catalin could add a lecture about agriculture… his lectures were excellent…Catalin and Claudiu are unfailingly and impeccably gracious.”
Mary Jane Stickley, USA

“We were very busy. But much to cover. Perhaps extend trip by a day.”
Nancy Berg, USA

“Thank you for organizing such nice meals for our group and thank you very much for all the special help you gave me.”
Jean Ruth, Canada

“Thank you for your great organizational skills. You kept us on track. Thank you for keeping us well fed and well watered and allowing us to experience such a variety of meals and accommodations.” Jackie Thorpe, Canada

“We want to thank you for a most enjoyable trip. Your arrangements for our hospitality were superb and we enjoyed everything.”
Joan and Douglas Ellis, Canada

“Claudiu treated us to a picnic, /Beside a quiet little stream. / We ate his kebabs and drank his wine / Then it rained! … Your kind and caring ways helped to make each day a more pleasurable adventure. The tour was everything I expected and much, much more…”
Marlene Akre, Canada

“It was an excellent tour. I would like to return sometime to see the rest of Romania”

„ Strenghts are Claudiu & Catalin. Very knowledgeable, caring and between both knew everything about everything. We were totally taken care of and we enjoyed everything.”
Peggy & John Gallagher

„ We enjoyed so many things during the time we spent with you.  You got us to the places we had requested and to other places we did not know about, a bit off the usual tourist trail, which were very interesting.  We especially enjoyed the evening when we were at the Dracula Motel near Sighisoara, and we took off after dinner to try to find old castles and churches that you had heard about but had never before visited--it was the spontaneity that was so much fun. And we will always remember the morning in Hateg when YOU cooked breakfast for us!”
The Trapps, USA

" The strengths of the itinerary… learning about a very beautiful country full of history… guide was very knowledgeable, clever, easy to understand, sense of humor… smoke free transport." Anne Murray, New Zealand

"Romania is both Europe as it was and as it will be. It is both traditional and transformative. It defeats clichés about it and must be visited." Marc Pachter, USA

"I knew I would see a lot of the country, but I didn’t realize how much history I would learn as well." Sharon Weisz, USA

"Catalin (the tour guide) did outstanding job; very complete – well versed, excellent language skills – great personality" John Gruber, USA

"I enjoyed the tour. Our guide added so much to our enjoyment –so personable, witty, bright." Sybil Goldenblank, USA

"I know the itinerary was not yours, so congratulations on a wonderfully organized and executed experience. I would use your services any time and recommends you highly." Stan Falkenstein, USA

"Brasov was wonderful. I met so many interesting people along the way. Many of them sparked my interest for further information. The people of Romania are so nice and pleasant. I truly enjoyed our visit." Gary P., USA

"They went above my expectations – The Parliament building specifically and the history lessons along the way. Outstanding!" Mary Barton, USA

"It was too much! However, I wouldn’t change anything. There were times I thought I was going to pass out from being so tired, but I enjoyed all experiences. You were an informative and entertaining host!"Jim Buchanan, USA

"I believe that this was the best tour I have ever been on. I learned so much and was highly entertained. Thank you." Anonymous, USA

"The itinerary was great. Places I had heard of, places I didn’t know existed. I thought Catalin was an excellent translator and guide, but his professionalism far exceeded my expectations." Judy Hopkins, USA

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