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As standard tours and themed tours satisfy only some of your requirements, we have also devised a Romania special tours section. To a certain extent, these tours are different from the others. Despite the fact they explore the same regions, their perspective differs in that these tours are especially devised to integrate or accompany various events that are of personal significance.

The Romanian special tours help you celebrate important moments in life, such as family gatherings for baptisms or weddings. You may enjoy yourself for Easter, Christmas, the New Year or other ceremonies and discover the way Romanians carefully prepare these celebrations. Or you may look for your Romanian ancestors and get to know the places where they used to live or even experience the way they used to live, since in some parts of Romania little has changed in the past century.

In the woods that span the massifs of the Carpathians or the wetlands, channels, lakes and marshes of the Delta, you can go bird watching or marvel at wild flowers and sweeping mountain pastures.

Even if you need to undergo health treatment, you can obtain that from experienced Romanian specialists or doctors for a very good price, be it for dentistry, rejuvenation-cure or aesthetic surgery, while still being able to enjoy the best sights in Romania. And this is where we want to assist you, so that you may fully enjoy your trip to Romania.

If you are a sports fan you can take advantage of one of our tours. Golfing introduces you to sites and the cultural heritage of southern Romania, while Skiing takes you to ski slopes in the Carpathians, but also provides you with the regional history and cultural tourist attractions.

Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do, just let us know. CT & T can devise a tour that best suits your needs and will assist you at every step, from the preparation of the tour to your flight back home.

1. GREAT MOMENTS IN LIFE : Honeymooners Special Tour

2. CELEBRATIONS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR : Christmas, New Year's Eve, Easter

Christmas Dance New Year Celebration Painted Eggs, Romanian Eastern

3. TAKE YOUR TIME AT BIRD WATCHING : Danube Delta and Transylvania

Stork nest

4. ON THE TRACKS OF YOUR ANCESTORS : Find Your Long-lost Romanian Relatives

5. GOLFING TIME : Visit to a Golf Course and Main Cultural Sites Around

Golf Course, Breaza Golf Course, Breaza

6. SKI TIME : Best Ski Slopes in the Transylvanian Alps and Main Cultural Sites Around

Predeal Ski Resort Predeal Ski Resort

7. HEALTH TOURISM PROGRAMS : Dentistry, Rejuvenation Cure or Esthetic Surgery

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