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If you do not want to take only a standard tour, but are interested in getting to know a particular aspect of Romania's diverse and rich cultural heritage, you should think about taking a themed tour.

Our Romania themed tours, devised with the support of experts in various fields, i.e. archaeologists, architects or art historians, introduce you to the most important evolutionary developments in the respective arts.

As far as the civilisations of Antiquity are concerned, the Greeks, Dacians and Romans have left their marks on the present-day territory of Romania. On the shores of the Black Sea or in some of the most impressive mountains of Romania, you can still find forts, sanctuaries and traces of a long-lost world. You can accompany us, as well, on an exploration of pre-Christian basilicas in Dobrudja.

Whether you are interested in mediaeval architecture or in the fusion between the later Romanian and western architectures, Cultural Travel & Tours can take you to the best sites in Romania. You can, for example, visit fortified churches and Gothic and Renaissance castles. There is also the town of Sighisoara, one of the very few mediaeval towns in Europe that is still inhabited. Exquisite late Byzantine paintings can be found in Bukovina and Transylvania offers evidence of the evolutionary aspects of mediaeval architecture.

If you are more interested in the life of the people, traditions and rural life, you should still come to Romania. Because of its late modernization, the country is one of the very few places in Europe where you can still witness peasant life that has evolved little in the last hundred years. You can still see folk festivals and special ceremonies reminiscent of ancestral ways and customs. You can still see men carving wood for the graceful Maramures churches or simply gates for homesteads, or women weaving on a loom, or painting eggs for Easter. Romania's haystacks and horse drawn carts are also famous for their poetry and beauty. They convey a sense of liberty and harmony with nature that you rarely find elsewhere, nowadays.

But besides horses and horse-drawn carts, there are other means of transport, such as steam trains. Getting aboard such a train allows you to travel to even the most secluded regions of Romania where you can discover unspoilt nature and beautiful villages scattered across the hills or mountains.

All of the above tours are led by specialized tour guides. They make efforts to ensure all our visitors enjoy their experience of visiting these places of cultural interest in an atmosphere of comfort and well-being.

1. ENDURING SPIRIT : Fortified Churches in Transylvania (UNESCO Heritage Sites)

Fortified Church, Biertan Fortified Church, Biertan


Hunyadi Castle, Hunedoara Pelisor Castle, Sinaia Peles Castle, Sinaia Bran Castle, Bran

3. THE MOMENT OF TRUTH : Unscramble Dracula's Legend (more about Dracula)

Vlad the Impaler's Tomb, Snagov Monastery Princely Court, Targoviste Vlad the Impaler

4. OLD WINES FOR CONNAISSEURS : Tasting of Romanian Wines Tour

5. TRACES OF THE ROMAN AND GREEK CIVILISATIONS : Archaeologic sites in Transylvania and Dobrudja

Archaeologic site, Sarmizegetusa Ulpia Traiana Archaeologic site, Sarmizegetusa Ulpia Traiana Archaeologic site, Histria


Constantin Brancusi Memorial House, Hobita Gate of the Kiss, Targu Jiu

7. HISTORIC RAIL JOURNEYS : Visit Romania by Working Steam Trains

Old Steam Engine Old Carriage

8. A TASTE OF RURAL ROMANIA : Daily Life in Maramures and Bukovina Villages

Hay cart, Bukovina Old Lady spinning, Sapanta Folk Show

9. CUSTOMS AND OCCUPATIONS FROM OLDEN TIMES : Pottery, Egg painting, Wood carving, Folk shows, Traditional fairs

Horezu Pottery, Horezu Kiln at Horezu Pottery Workshop Painted eggs, Bukovina Bread Fair, Bucharest

10. ANCIENT CAVES : Speleology Study Tour

Scarisoara Cave Chiscau Cave
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